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The fun, moderating, talking and easy-to-use multi-purpose discord bot for all of your needs!

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Moderation 🛡️

Such Good Moderation!

Moderate your server smooth like butter with SuchBot’s extensive moderation abilities. Auto roles, customizable welcome & leave messages, advertisement blocking, moderation logs & join logs, kicking, banning, message purging, and more!

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Utility 📍

Such Much Helpfull!

Make life simpler with SuchBot's utility commands. Fetch subreddits, urban dictionary, the news, create polls, facts and more!

Fun 🤣

Such Fun!

Level up your server with a variety of fun commands! Memes, advice, dad jokes, gifs, dogs, cats, image manipulation, and more!

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Talking 🤖

Such Good AI!

Talk to an AI robot and ask it many questions about all you want to know or just have a good chat with SuchBot!








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